A frequently overlooked issue with EOS ecosystem that, as time passes, is predestined to only worsen is that of blockchain data economics. It is the question of who pays for the resources required to maintain the infrastructure of the EOS blockchain. Any inefficiencies of the market for these resources will have long-lasting ecosystem-wide consequences, that will inexorably exacerbate as time goes by.

The MillenEOS initiative is founded to research and develop solutions to this issue with the ultimate goal of creating an efficient market for system-wide resilience and speed of transactions.

We envision the future where the EOS network is wholly decentralized and yet efficient on all the layers comprising it. We envision a world of perfect markets where everybody is rewarded fairly for his or her activities within the network. We envision an Escher’s world of blockchains where mass adoption of the EOSIO software is not a buzzword from countless Medium articles, but is an everyday reality.

We are excited to be on the frontier of developing the future of blockchains.