MillenEOS Plugin

MillenEOS Plugin feeds the raw EOSIO data into into the Actions, Blocks, and States tables residing in the MilleneosDB (the database layer). The following dimensions are most representative for a concise description of the inner workings of the plugin:

  1. Written in Golang, it is optimized for multi-core processing
  2. Optimized to efficiently utilize servers’ available capacity.
  3. Designed to scale for an arbitrary number of CPU cores and is optimized to reuse memory, thereby creating a minimal number of memory allocations.
  4. Utilizes JSON parsing (i.e. unmarshalling) method optimized to minimize the CPU resource consumption.
  5. Writes in batches optimizing the load/performance ratio on the database layer (e.g. either, 150,000 raws, or everything aggregated in the last 1/sec).
  6. Stores the EOS blockchain data recording up to a million rows per second, capable of dynamically pre-aggregating data to allow for custom complex queries and economizes on disk space due to large data compression capabilities.

MillenEOS Plugin is simply a middleware connecting the legacy EOS infrastructure with the most important MillenEOS technological layer: the MilleneosDB.