2.3 ChainXpose API

The ChainXpose API is necessary to provide HTTP access to clients who need to interact with ChainhiveDB. It was chosen to separate the ChainchiveDB Application layer from the ChainXpose API for the purposes of maintainability and overall system resilience. At this point nine API endpoints are available that encompass blocks, transactions, actions, traces, accounts, block producers, resources, and EOS balances.

2.3.1 Livefeed

The Livefeed API is suitable, for example, for charting in real-time across blocks and transactions by specifying multiple parameters such as number of rows to be retrieved with a single call.

2.3.2 Core

The Core API provides complete information for each transaction such as the resources consumed, traces, the block where the transaction occurred, and the accounts involved. Furthermore, one can fetch directly all the actions pushed using certain account (smart contract) as well as the current state of resources (staked, unstaked, and refunding) and balance. Block data includes, among others, the block number, its state, the number of actions and traces, and resources utilized. An account-resources API provides detailed CPU, NET, and RAM data for a selected account. Finally, one can search for an account, transaction, or block using their name, id or sequence, and number, respectively.

The full API documentation can be found here: http://www.milleneos.com/docs